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3 Step Process

3 Step Process

Simply put , the Trust Solutions programs is three (3) distinctly different and stand alone transactions all put together in a unique way that makes it possible to accomplish the the desire to place an individual(s) or entity into a property without all of the hassle, red tape and time constraints required by traditional institutional lenders.  

Who the program works for

This unique program aids individual(s) or an entity(s) that finds it can no longer make the required payments on a property,  or who have the ability to make the payment but wish to move in a different direction and for some reason, like taxes, do not wish to sell their property and recognize a profit at this time.

Still others who wish to sell their property and get paid for the equity that they have created in the property, but don't want to be considered a lender or let the buyer take title to the property without receiving all of their equity at the time of the sale.

has this program ever been challenged

Since this program started back in 1992, Trust Solutions has never been challenged in a court of law for its methodology.  

Each and every step in the program is legal.  There is no law that makes putting your property into a trust , adding beneficiaries to a trust or renting a property to another individual illegal.

We can provide a legal opinion and / or  tax opinion that clearly states that this program conforms to all known rules and regulations.

are there other methods that accomplish the same thing?

For many years Realtors, private investors, distressed sellers and escrow companies used a variety of methods to essentially avoid the "Due On Sale" clause in ALL mortgage loans.  

Some of these are know by Wraps, AITD, Land Contract Sales and several hybrids of each.  The one thing that they all have in common is that they VIOLATE the "Due On Sale" clause in the underlying mortgage loan.  

The penalty for this violation in most cases is a foreclosure action against the subject property.  

Realtors and other professionals have been convicted of bank and insurance fraud when they have been instrumental in the formation of one of the various programs mentioned above.

Since this program complies with all the applicable rules and regulations not a single home has had a foreclosure notice filed against it nor has any Realtor or other professional had to answer to any regulatory agency because of a Trust Solutions transaction.

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